Angola Cables reports 27% rise in undersea cable traffic

Angola Cables has reported a 27% rise in one year in information traffic on the three undersea cables operated by the company - which link Brazil, North America, Africa and Europe.

Of the three systems, the one that recorded the biggest increase was Monet, which connects the United States and Latin America: a 35 percent jump in traffic was noted by the Angolan multinational in the space of a year. The company also has fibre on the SACS cable (between Brazil and Angola) and WACS (on the African coast).

"Another proof that Brazil, especially Ceará, has stood out in this international scenario of high demand, is that Fortaleza is already the second largest interconnection point in the country,surpassing Rio de Janeiro. To give you an idea, the Angola Cables PIX in Ceará has a growth rate of 400 percent per year, according to data from October," the company said in a statement.

For 2023, an expansion of the operator's data center in Fortaleza (the AngoNAP) is in the plans. With this, Angola Cables plans to triple the hosting capacity of the structure.

"With this, the company will increase its ability to offer services to national and international customers, who benefit from hyperconnected low latency services and access to global content nodes, available on five continents, thanks to the recently launched Singapore Point of Presence".

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